THE SNOW QUEEN returns for Summer 23

THE SNOW QUEEN returns this summer 2023.

The show tours across the UAE from April throught to June.

THE SNOW QUEEN tells the story of a young girl, Gerda, who sets out on a long journey to rescue her best friend Kai from the Snow Queen’s icy palace.

The musical theatre adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s famous folk tale tells how an evil troll from the faraway north created an ice mirror with special magic powers that distorted and changed everything that was reflected in it. But when one day it shattered into a hundred million pieces, a piece of the mirror fell into her soul too – and slowly but surely she too became infected with wickedness as her heart became … FROZEN.

You think you know FROZEN – but this is the TRUE story of the Snow Queen – how a boy and a girl from the big city saved her life and how the POWER OF LOVE made her good.

Five superbly talented musical theatre actors tell the story of Gerda, Kai and the Snow Queen and the funny friends they meet on the way to the freezing, frozen, faraway north.