Records tumble as TREASURE ISLAND / LITTLE RED TOUR ends

Records tumble as TREASURE ISLAND / LITTLE RED TOUR ends

S4K’s record-breaking tour of Treasure Island and Little Red Riding Hood ended in March.

The six-month tour of the UAE and Bahrain broke S4K records for its longest tour of the region, the most venues played and – with tens of thousands of visitors – record audience numbers.

Such was demand to see both shows that the company had to extend the original autumn season for seven weeks from January 2023.

The shows both featured EIGHT musical theatre actors – many who have performed with the company before.

S4K’s Creative Director Julian Chenery said “We are delighted with the positive reaction to both shows. Treasure Island developed throughout its six-month run and is a superb musical re-telling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s adventure.

“Little Red is one of the best shows we have ever produced and I’m delighted that it will have further outings later in the year.”

The Treasure Island / Little Red tour opened on 12 September 2022 and closed on 9 March 2023.