Peter Pan returns across the UAE and the Arabian Gulf this autumn 2016.

Our hit show last played in London in 2019 and returns with an EIGHT-STRONG cast from September to December 2023.

As before it feature our amazing VIDEO WONDERWALL – where you’ll believe Peter is really flying.

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Our 2023 production of Peter Pan gives us the opportunity to highlight the importance of sustainability, our ecology and our environment.

As JM Barrie said, “Neverland is forever young and green”, and the boy who wished never to grow up has now become a symbol for ‘going green’.

In our story, Wendy bonds with the natural beauty of Neverland and along with Peter and his friends the Mermaid and the ecologically-connected Tiger, they fight against Hook and her father’s disdain towards the future of the world we all live in.

As they sing in the show, “We love the earth, it is our planet. We love the earth, IT IS OUR HOME.”